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Product list

Business Scope

Test System Development, Fixture Design and Fabrication

Test Cables, Components, Equipments Design and Sales

ODM Projects Engineering Service and NPI Management

Quality Control, Workmanship, Process Improvement and Solutions

Company Facility:

JoJo Tech has setup independent design studio and tools factory. Our R&D team is composed of many senior engineers and technicians. They are experienced and professional in embedded system design, MCU, DSP, industrial automation and control other aspects of hardware and software development. Some of them have been working as senior engineers in high-tech overseas companies.

JoJo Tech is a proactive and innovative team. Our tools factory has about 500㎡, there equipped the drilling machine, washing bed, CNC machinery and other mechanical work processing equipments.

Company Culture:

"Job could be Joyful!" is JoJo Tech's culture and spirits!

If you want your job no longer boring!

If you want your production line go more smoothly!

If you want your products quality much improvement!

If you cannot accept your project schedule delay again and again!

Come on, call JoJo Tech right now! We are the trouble-shooting experts to solve all your problems.

Technical Support and Service:

JoJo Tech is providing 12 hours a day and 6 days a week phone call support and service. Support requests will be responded within one working day. When more significant support, maintenance or enhancements effort is required, this will be provided on a time and materials basis at a daily rate of USD200-350 per engineer. Any additional charges will be approved in advance by customer. Purchase of components will be summarized and invoiced as soon as all information is available to JoJo Tech.

No travel and subsistence costs are anticipated, however should any overseas travel be required this will be paid by customer. JoJo Tech will endeavor to keep such costs to a minimum. These costs will be agreed in advance with customer. All supplier invoices and any travel expense forms will be supplied to customer. This level of support will be provided for until the agreement is terminated.

Welcome to JoJo Tech!

About us

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