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Artificail Mouth
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  • product description:Artificial Mouth Model: JOJO-JS1001 P/N: JS1001 Acoustical technical parameters a.Minimal continuous output SPL 200Hz – 10kHz: 110dB(locate in 25mmMRP) 100Hz – 10kHz: 100dB (locate in 25mmMRP) b.THD: 200Hz – 10kHz: less than 1.5%, Usually less than1%(94dBSPL, locate in 25mmMRP) c.Frequency response: the output sound level after compensation 94dB ±1 dB(100Hz - 20kHz) d.Impedance: 4 ohm e.Continuous max power: 10W f.Instantaneous max power: 50W(1 second) g.Driving voltage is 1V (0.25W), the frequency response curve at 25mm (MRP):
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