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Car audio test system
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  • product description:
  • Test Equipment and Material:

    AM/FM signal generator and coupled antenna.

    Control circuit and simulated load circuit.

    High quality audio analyzer Audio Switcher (APTS-SWR, Designed by JOJO Tech).

    Industry PC + Windows Operating System +Test Fixture

    Test Purpose:
    To test audio parameters of car audio products, such as AM, FM, the USB and AUX In.

    Test Specification:

    Noise-Gate Sensitivity, Ratio Signal Sensitivity, Maximum Output Power, Continues Output Power, Channel Balance, Channel Corsstalk and THD etc.

    The Advantages:

    1. High efficiency: it can precisely and automatically test the audio parameters of the DUT.

    2. High compatibility : when testing different types of DUT,it only need to change its fixture.
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