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Automobele Electronic ATE
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  • Requirements:

    1. Automatic Test Software (LabView)

    2. Automatic Test Fixture

    3. Control Box

    4. ATE Test PCBA, DC Power Supply, LED Test module, Key Test Module

    5. DAQ Card, LED Analyzer, Barcode Scanner, Programer

    6. Industrial PC, Printer 

    7. Cabinet 


    1. Multiple test modes for option

    2. Test items could be set

    3. Test process is programmable

    4. Time and display the testing hours

    5. Automatic fault diagnosing and accident alarming

    6. Automatic test result saving, date analyzing

    7. Function of chasing and searching

    8. barcode scanning and printing

    9. Precision fixture and elegant apperance

    10. Stability of work


    There are more and more electronic control unit on automobile following the wildly use of integrated circuit and microcontroller on it.

    Most automobile electronics products are based on whole control of CAN/LIN, including comfort system, dynamic system, realtime control system, information feedback system, and combinations of various kinds of electronic products.

    Automatic automobile electronic test system is developed on the platform of LabVIEW, to test the functions of various kinds of automobile electronic procucts. Currently there are developed automobile electronic products under use such as automobile roof control module, automobile motor module, engine ECU Module, automobile AC control module, etc.
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