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Bluetooth audio PCBA function of automatic test system
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  • Test purpose: Bluetooth sound system (PCBAs)

    1.Test equipment and development tools

    2. Automatic test software (LabVIEW)

    3. Automatic test fixture (Customized test panel and interface from JOJO Tech)

    4. Audio analyzer ATS-2, LED analyzer, NFC reader, Bluetooth Endpoint, electronic load, Bluetooth audio emission module, DMM Agilent 34970A+34908, Barcode scanner programmable power supply

    5. Test PC, High frequency shielding box, 19 inch rack.

    test purpose:

    DC check, Product software version, protection circuit, GPIO Port, LED color and brightness ,Bluetooth RF parameters, Audio Channels, SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio), Crosstalk, Frequency Response, Output Level , THD+N.

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