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Bluetooth headset (amp) finished electroacoustic test system
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  • product description:
  • Bluetooth headset (amp) finished product test system

    1.Automation test software (LabVIEW)

    2.Efficient automation test fixture

    3.High quality soundproof box

    4.Custom bluetooth adapter

    5.Precise artificial ear + mouth + test microphone audio DAQ

    6.Industrial computer + commonly used operating system

    Test purposes:
    To test the bluetooth headset (amp) acoustic parameters of the finished product

    Test indicators:

    Sex, SPL, SNR, THD, noise, balance and frequency sweep

    1.High efficiency: it can test the audio parameters of the Bluetooth headset (amp) acoustics product.

    2.High compatibility:when testing different types of DUT, it only need to change its fixture.

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