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Mobile Phone Acoustic Test
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  • Test System:

    1.Automatic Test Software(LABview)

    2.Efficient Automatic Test Fixture

    3.High Quality Sound Insulation Box

    4.Precision Artificial Ear + Artificial Mouth + Microphone + Audio DAQ

    5.Industrial PC + General OS

    Test Purposes:
    Test the audio performance of the mobile phone; including Speaker, Headphone, Main Microphone, Secondary Microphone, and Headset Output.

    Test Items:
    SPL, SNR, FR, THD, R&B


    1.High test efficiency:

    The USB and headset jack can be inserted and pulled out automatically.

    2.High compatibility:

    You only need to switch the fixture for different types of phone and the fixture is easy to be load or unload.

    The position of artificial ear, artificial mouth, and microphone is also changeable .

    3.Appearance can be customized.

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