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BT Audio Functional Test System
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  • Project Name:Bluetooth Audio System (PCBAs)
    Test Equipment and Development:
    *ATE test software (LabVIEW)

    ATE Test Fixture (JoJo Tech custom-design control board and interface)

    Audio Precision ATS-2, LED Analyzer, NFC R/W, Bluetooth Endpoint, E-load, BT audio Transmitter, Agilent

    34970A+34908, Barcode scanner,Programmable Power Supply Test PC, Shielding Box, 19” Rack.

    Test Purpose:
    DC checks, software version, Protect circuits, GPIO ports, LED Color and Intensity, BT RF, Audio channels, S/N, Crosstalk, Freq Resp, max level, THD+N…etc.
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