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Auto Navigation Function Test System
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  • Requirements:

    1.Automation Test Software(Labview\VB)

    2.Automation Test Fixture + Test Control Board

    3. Test Cabinet + Automation Plugging Module

    4. HF Generator + DAQ Card + Programmable DC power

    5. Industrial PC + Window OS


    Test Items: FM,DISK\SD\USB\AUX Audio Index, Bluetooth, WIFI, GPRS, GPS , CAN etc.
    According to the functional category and test time, the production line usually be divided into 3-5 test station.
    Such as: FM, Bluetooth, Video, WIFI/GPRS/CAN Link etc.

    Generality:Test board or whole unit of various types of vehicle multimedia.
    Expansibility Replace the fixture and upgrade the software in easy way.
    Reliability:Professional test equipment and data software auto analysis.
    Usability:Simple operation, workers can handle it just via the basic training.
    Economic:Effectively reduce labor cost and improve productivity.
    Innovative:Custom-made, independent intellectual property and patents.
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